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Overview of Clique

Clique is an all-in-one DAO infrastructure platform that allows users to participate in DAO creation, token creation and decentralized governance within a single dashboard. It enables DAO managers to create and manage DAOs based on preset or customized templates, set token properties for their DAOs and initiate community votes using the cross-chain governance feature.
Risk Disclaimer: Please note that Clique v1 is not formally audited. All projects built on it may be vulnerable to bugs or exploits. Clique V1 runs entirely on public smart contracts; all consequences from interacting with networks running the protocol are borne by the entities who sign each transaction.
The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. STP does not recommend that any token should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.
Clique serves as an all-in-one dashboard for a range of DAO activity.
DAO Participation: Clique allows DAO members to browse, govern and socially participate in their projects through this aggregated dashboard. Community members can view treasury, proposals, and ongoing activities through their dashboard. Clique empowers users to easily participate in multiple DAOs where they have membership. At any time, users are able to:
  • Participate in activities for open DAO projects
  • Manage DAO community memberships
  • View holders and governance structure within DAOs
  • Vote on open proposals, and view results of closed proposals
DAO Creation: Tools and infrastructure for projects to build DAOs using Verse. All aspects of DAO creation can be executed on Verse
  • Issue new tokens, or bridge existing tokens (cross-chain)
  • Implement custom token distribution schedule with reserved token allocation and vesting
  • Customize and execute whitelist and public sale
  • Optimize DAO parameters for DAO use case, including: Membership DAO, Project DAO, or Investment DAO
DAO Governance and Management: Clique provides efficient decentralized decision-making for communities. DAOs can configure onchain governance parameters including:
  • Token holding requirements for voting and proposal creation
  • Community voting customization including voting duration and minimum total votes
DAO Workspace: Clique provides Web3 community workspace for all builders with no code and gas required.
  • Setup your team framework: Unleash core members and reward their contribution based on a customized framework.
  • Legitimize your governance participation: Encourage community engagement through incentives and social credibility.
  • Manage and execute your tasks: Enhance teamwork and productivity with Web3-centric tools that turn idea into execution.
DAO Tooling Aggregator: Scale your DAO with unlimited ecosystem tools and infrastructures. Become part of our ecosystem by integrating your dApp with Clique.
DAO Rewards: DAO rewards is a customizable activity feature that allows DAOs to reward community members and contributors. DAO admins can set up a reward pool for users who have completed certain tasks (e.g. interact with DApp, submit bugs and suggestions, become an active member in social channels, complete a quiz, etc). DAO rewards is a great way for DAOs to expand the community and promote community engagements.
SDK: Projects can now customize the cross-chain governance and voting system on their own website while saving the development and audit resources of building from scratch. The Clique SDK allows projects to set up their own governance system based on the Clique core features. It also enables the projects to build up their own user flow.